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  • What makes Élan different from other real estate agents?

    Élan Property Agents has a broader and more comprehensive approach to real estate. We understand that a successful sale involves a number of considerations, as well as considerable personal effort and input from sellers themselves.   For these reasons we provide services that very few of our competitors provide including:

    • guidance as to what steps you should take to present your home in the best possible way
    • advice in relation to the best way to stage your home and where necessary style it with decorator items and soft furnishings (ie. cushions, bedspreads, throws etc) for photography and open homes*
    • provide a thorough, well-researched and documented appraisal as to where your property sits in the local market, suggested listing price, and method of sale
    • provide a considered strategic marketing plan that combines effective forms of traditional marketing with a modern approach which includes online and social media marketing

    And we do this without charging extra. It is all included in our standard commission.

    In addition to this, we also understand that selling a house is stressful for the entire family. We therefore have tailored services and recommendations to ease the impact on your family.


    *Élan Property Agents’ complimentary home staging services do not extend to providing a full furniture hire service, although we do have relationship with furniture hire companies and can liaise with them on your behalf.


  • What are the costs associated with Elan selling my property?

    Elan charges a standard commission like other Real Estate Agents, but provides additional complimentary services to assist in maximising your home’s sale potential and to ease the burden that often comes with selling a home.

    We will provide details of our commission when we meet with you to provide an initial Appraisal so that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting your Real Estate Agent.

  • I have bought elsewhere and need to sell my property fast! How quickly can Elan get my property on the market?

    Generally, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get a property properly on the market if it is already completely ready to go market.

    If, however, the property needs a spruce up and/or needs staging it can take longer. You only have one opportunity to give a first impression to potential buyers so it is best to take a little more time to prepare your home for sale so you can hit the ground running (so to speak). Remember, the first impression can often be the last impression so you want it to memorably for the right reasons!

  • What does it mean to stage/style my property for sale and what are the benefits?

    Home Staging is the process of preparing a home for sale. It is done with the intention of setting the property apart from competition so as to attract a higher purchase price and/or quicker sale. It can involve de-cluttering, cleaning, removing highly personal items and décor, alterating furniture layouts (including adding or removing furniture) and adding accent items – all in an effort to show a potential buyer the positive aspects of the property.

  • We have only just decided to sell our property. What is the process from here?

    The first step is to contact us to schedule an Appraisal. This is an obligation free service in which we will meet with you to view your property and provide you with a report as to where we think your property sits in the current market in terms of listing price, competition and method of sale.

  • I work during the day. Can Elan see me after hours?

    We understand that people live busy lives. Between work, school, and sports it can be very difficult to find time to meet during business hours. Élan agents are available to meet with you at the time most convenient to you.   And if that is after hours, it is not problem.

  • Will Elan keep update me regularly?

    Élan prides itself on is exemplary client service. One reason that is often cited as a criticism of real estate agents in general is a lack of communication and feeling of ‘not knowing what is happening’. We will keep you up to date at all times during the process – prior to listing, whilst your home is on the market, and whilst waiting for settlement.

  • We have a pool/spa on our property. Are there any additional requirements we need to fulfil before selling our property?

    Currently, if you are selling a home with a pool, you have two options: you can either sell with or without a Compliance Certificate.

    If you sell without a Compliance Certificate a Form 36 – Notice of no pool safety certificate will need to be included in the Contract of Sale. This gives the buyer 90 days from Settlement to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate.

    If you do not have a current Compliance Certificate, the buyer may insist one be in place by the time of Settlement by including such a term in the Contract.

    To check whether a property has a current Compliance Certificate visit

    Please note however, that from 30 November 2015 home owners will be required to have a Compliance Certificate (Pool Safety Certificate) at all times and face fines if they do not.

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our inclusions

comprehensive comparative property report highlighting relevant property sales and listing data for your area

recommendations on listing price and strategy and strategically marketing your property

appraisal and guidance as to how to prepare the interior and exterior of your property to set your property apart from the rest and maximise its potential for sale. These services are provided by our in-house styling team whose primary focus is working with clients to improve the broad appeal of their home

home staging advice and complimentary use of soft furnishings for the duration of sale period (subject to availability)

for more information on what élan provides as part of a standard sale package go to our inclusions page


the élan difference

Real Estate involves important emotional and financial decisions. Selecting the team to help you reach the outcome you desire is equally as important. Elan Property Agents has the unique but necessary blend of skills and experience – home staging & styling, negotiation, marketing and customer service – to ensure that you achieve a fantastic result.

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