7 easy ways to declutter your home

Architect Mies Van der Rohe said “Less is more.” in 1886 and when it comes to creating a peaceful, productive and inviting space, Mies is still right on the money even over a century later.

The idea of living a simple, organised life is increasingly appealing, especially for those living fast-paced and busy lifestyles. With so much chaos in the world today – what better way to relax than in a spacious and serene environment at home?

Reducing the amount of clutter in your home can be extremely beneficial by reducing cleaning, stress, cost and time spent organizing. This means you have more resources and time to spend with the people you love and on the things you enjoy.

Decluttering your home can be very anxiety inducing, especially if your clutter has been collecting for years, or even decades! The good news is that you don’t have to turn to extreme minimalism to reap the benefits of living a simpler life, your decluttering journey doesn’t need to be intense or intimidating. Below are seven simple ideas on how to declutter your home to get you started, not stress you out!

Remove an item per day
Removing an item a day keeps the clutter away! Colleen Madsen from 365 Less Things made a resolution seven years ago to remove one item from her home per day for a year and the transformation was fantastic (even after a short period). By only removing one item you don’t need per day, you can see amazing results in your home too.

Fill a box for charity
Look through your closet, kitchen or garage and fill one box (or rubbish bag) of items to take to the Salvation Army or a similar charity. Filling a box or bag doesn’t take much effort or time at all, and as a bonus you will be helping those in need.

The Reverse Clothes Hanger Trick
Created by Peter Walsh and made famous on the Oprah Show, the Clothes Hanger Trick is a wonderful way to identify unnecessary items of clothing and remove them from your wardrobe. The process is simple – hang all your clothes with the hangers the wrong way around. When you wear an item, return it to the closet with the hanger around the right way. After a few months, you’ll have a clear picture of which clothes you don’t wear and can get rid of.

Make a list
Write a list to declutter your mind first and give yourself a good plan on how to tackle the clutter in your home. Start the list small with easy areas to declutter such as kitchen drawers or linen cupboards and finish with the more complicated areas such as garages and wardrobes. Having a list that includes a variety of task lengths means you can fit a them into your schedule easily!

The quick 36
Organise 36 items in your home quickly by finding 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate to charity, and 12 items to be put in their proper place.  This challenge is a great, fast way to organise without feeling like you have to throw everything away.

Make a movie
Grab your phone and take a video or some photos of your living spaces. Viewing your home from another perspective can highlight unnecessary clutter you may be missing day to day. This strategy is great if you have previously decluttered and still feel like you could reduce further. As you’re viewing, make a list of the items to remove and get them all in one clean sweep.

The four R’s
The four R’s is a great system if you want to overhaul an entire room or area. For each area, have four boxes or bags with a label on each – remove, recycle, relocate and retain. The next step is to review every item and sort it into one of the four categories. The time this process takes can vary depending on the size (and sometimes sentiment) of the room but the results are thorough and will leave you feeling organised and stress free.

No matter which of the above techniques you use to begin decluttering your home, starting your journey towards the freedom of an uncluttered life is always positive!

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