5 Reasons to Stage Your Home Before Selling

We have all heard the anecdotal evidence that setting your home apart from its competition by staging it for sale can help it sell faster and for a better price. But why? Here are five key reasons to stage your home before selling:

  1. The process is designed to highlight the positive aspects of a property whilst simultaneously drawing attention away from any negative aspects of a home’s interior or exterior that could deter a buyer.
  1. Buyers are not necessarily that good at imagining ‘what it could look like’. They need a visual representation to make it a reality. Seeing that very little needs to be done to a home to make it pleasure to live in carries a lot of weight with buyers.
  1. First impressions count and first impressions last! This starts with the photographs they see online and the first time they come to an open home. Staging and styling your home appropriately, coupled with professional photography, helps you to create the best first impression possible. You only have one shot at a first impression so make it count!
  1. A home that appears untidy or does not look maintained not only creates a bad first impression, but also can also unwittingly give potential buyers the sense that the home has not been maintained properly and therefore might be hiding flaws or problems they will inherit if they buy the home.
  1. It seems that there are more ‘Home’ TV shows and magazines than ever before, all showcasing houses and interiors that many can only wish for. When people are buying a home they are looking for something as close to their dream as possible. Staging your home puts it one step closer to making the dream a reality in the eyes of a potential buyer.


Élan Property Agents is a Brisbane real estate agency owned by Kathryn MacDonell and Ashley Hall. It specialises in listing properties in the Hills District (Ferny Hills, Arana Hills and Everton Hills) and Mitchelton. It sets itself apart from competitors by a focus on assisting its owners through every step of the sale process including preparing the property for sale and staging for maximum effect. The team at Élan understands that selling a home can be a stressful time and therefore provide as much assistance as it can along the way.

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